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FANACCOUNT] 12.11.11 Busan Fansign – Donghyun say “Indonesia Fans I Love You” + got Pepero from Boyfriend Indonesia ^^

It’s 2nd time for ours staff to attend Boyfriend fansigning . On the 1st time our staff say Donghyun allready go to Indonesia . Donghyun tell he’s go to Bali an Jakarta on his childhood. For now our stuff success to tell Byfriend Indonesia to Donghyun . Ours staff gave him Pepero (stick) from Boyfriend Indonesia. Our staff say Donghyun got shock after she’s say about Indonesia .
He looked surprise when our staff said its from Indonesian Bestfriend (I explained what BFI is)

Stellia @ boyfriendindonesia real fan account:
- Minwoo wrote ‘럭키’ means ‘lucky’ because he saw my lucky disc
- The boys seems tired and didnt talk too much D:
- Donghyun wrote ‘인도네시아팬사랑해요’ means ‘Indonesia Fans I Love You’ at my friend’s album
- Minwoo suddenly said ‘형사랑해’ means ‘Hyung, I Love You’ to Jeongmin in front of my friend
- I gave them big pepero package under BFI’s name and received by Donghyun personally
This pict our staff with Boyfriend on fansign in Busan

we are verry thankful for our staff stellia in busan . Now Donghyun know about Indonesia , Boyfriend Indonesia , and also know Besfriend Indonesia ^^
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