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[TRANS/FANCAFE] 21.01.12 Boyfriend Diary – Daum cafe Update ‘Boyfriend’s New Year greeeting!’

[Announcement] ” 2012 Happy New Year of the dragon. ” Boyfriend New Year greeeting!
Hello :)
This if Boyfriend’s fan-club representative.
Happy New Year of the Dragon 2012!
All Best Friends ~ ♡
Boyfriend member’s wants to wish the fans a happy new year and wrote it themselves.
So, what did the Boyfriend members wish to greet you?
You must be curious! ^0^
Boyfriend members’ wish is to greet you to have a happy and pleasant holiday
We hope you’ve been happy with Boyfriend in 2012 as well.
Trans Message Up to Down:
To. Bestfriend♡
May our beloved members be more healthy in the new year
Work hard with a beautiful heart
To all fans♥ Year 2011 was a great year, thank you so much
Who do you think is responsible for that?
We must be together in year 2012♥
Thank you so much! I love you♥
In year 2012, we must let more people recognize Boyfriend
It’ll be great if Boyfriend and Bestfriends can get closer
This year’s target is placing first on music broadcasts!!
Please continue loving Boyfriend in year 2012
We will show you a different image
So please don’t change your heart
You must wait for us!!
In year 2012,
become a more matured and cool Boyfriend!
To. Bestfriends ♥
Now~ In year 2012, All of us will~!! It’d be great if we could have more things that make us laugh~ Like in year 2011, we cried and laughed
In the future~ We must always be together! Don’t climb the wall… -..-!!
And.. The five boys I love! We should also work hard and fly in year 2012~ Desperately!!
Year 2012, let us welcome “Boyfriend”.
We members will also run at full speed in year 2012~!
To. B.F.♡
Must also work hard in year 2012.
I hope that it will be filled with good things.
And also please love Boyfriend a lot.
To. Bestfriend
During this year 2012, Boyfriend will improve
I love you, our Bestfriends~~
Chyuuk ♡
To. Our BestFriends
And also to my member hyungs…!
Donghyunie hyung. Hyunseongie hyung. Jeongminie hyung.
2 months [apart] Youngminnie hyung. Kwangminnie hyung..ㅡ_ㅡㅋㅋ
This 2012 we’ll do better♥
Our BestFriends also ♡ do better~~
Boyfriend Minwoo
would~be nice to to grow this new year~
The height of Minwoo as well~ Between us ♡too should [grow]..ㄱ ㅗ Heol* So cheesy
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